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Top 10 traits of a Person with Aries sign

Top 10 traits of a Person with Aries sign

How would you recognize an Aries? If you accidentally meet a very friendly person with an instant smile and idealistic thoughts then he/she is definitely an Aries. People belonging to this category do not believe voicing their thoughts over someone, but they definitely raise their voice if they feel something wrong is going on. They are very instant about what they speak. They get encouraged at that point or even go against it without hesitating. One can compare an Aries to a little infant. If they are hungry or want their diapers changed, then whether it is mid night or early morning they won’t think before howling, same as that of Aries. If a person belonging to this category gets a thought about any random thing, then he won’t even think twice to call you at 3am. They are always open for new ideas, experience and are confident and courageous at every step. They are very creative and born as a leader with strong ideas and personality.

So lets Analyse Top 10 Aries Traits  Of a Person.

Aries personality traits

They believe in trying each and everything in their life time at least once, no matter how much amount of risk is involved in it. People envy them because of their energy and determination to complete what they have started.
They are very positive about life and feel independent and versatile. They look forward for new opportunities and make a complete use of it. Most the Aries are competitive and do not care what other might feel or behave later, which might end them up involving in conflicts.


Adventurous - A good Aries traits
As far as these people are concerned they are very adventurous. They do not feel shy from taking any kind of risk in life. Sometimes conditions come where everything depends upon luck. At that point also these Aries step forward to test and try their luck.  When they are in a team, they try to push their limits and show their enthusiasm and energy. But later on if the team does not match their level they easily get bored and feel less interested.


Courageous- Aries traits of a person
Once the task is taken up by this person, then no matter how tough the task might turn up, but Aries have a trait never to give up. Their energy level never decreases and is ever ready to take any challenge. Some of the Aries traits are worth learning. They always do not succeed in their task. They fall in some and win in many. In those events in which they lose or fall, they again get up like a baby gathering all his energy and forgetting everything about the fall, the moment someone sprinkle confidence into it. They believe that they are enough capable of making their dream true and do not believe in thinking much.


Appearance- Aries personal traits
Most of the Aries people have sharp, blurred, or seldom soft features. They are well known for their eye brows which form a narrow bridge over their nose. This eye brow is a kind of warning to those people who turn up with silly ideas and try to conquer them. They do not entertain anything rubbish. You can also make out a mole or a scar on their face. Dark complexion than usual. They might look quick in their decision and other might find it tough to match up.  Both male and female shoulders are broad. Many of the Aries walk with their shoulder bent and head forward. You will always find them in a hurry whether they have a work or not. The physical posture of an any person represent his personality and in Aries it basically self confidence, supremacy and ego. An Aries with a shoulders little bent means he have insecurity complex or when he use to be young, someone would might have hurt his ego. But that doesn’t mean he will never straighten up. After sometime his wounds will heal and he might recover from his problem. Nothing in this world can keep Aries down for all. They will always get up some day.


Nature- Aries zodiac sign traits
These people are weak but will never show it out. They do not believe in showing or projecting their weakness.  If you were his friend at one point of time and now broke up then you will never know how he/she would have felt. But I assure you tears would be there but inside. They believing in dying then showing their weakness. Never offend an Aries. They do not accept easily to work under someone. They believe to lead their own lives. In an organization you can easily recognize this person by his discontent nature to submit something to someone above him. They are short tempered too. These people are very direct and can criticize anyone for their work or services in which he might be involved. Whether it is a restaurant, although all the food items turn out to be excellent except one. They do not believe in forgiving the person and criticize about it all the time. Being honest is Aries trait.

From the above article your might conclude that they are very brave in every aspect but in reality they are physically little weak. They try to avoid anything that might hurt them. They stay away from any type of injuries. They even take precautions which can cause bad health like alcohol of smoke. Aries born in later march are suffer from constant rashes, stomach pain, knee caps. Let it be any serious problem they keep the doctor away until and unless they are on the death bed or the problem is extremely serious.

Love and relationships

Love and relationships a good aries traits
Once they love something, then they are into it but once they hate it then they cannot love it again. They are very stern about the same force of response that they give in a relationship. One needs to respect their loyalty and love he/she has for you. If you cannot respect that, then find someone else. In Aries trait you won’t find any tricks or planning. They are simple in this. Once they have finished with a relationship everyone can easily see it. Everything is crystal clear in their life. In a relationship one need not be afraid of their anger. They get very calm dealing with their life partners. They hate playing life games and prefer direct approach. Once he/she fall in love then no one can change that feeling. But be sure that it is him who has found it.


You will never feel low or less energetic when an Aries is with you. They are very encouraging and lively and this is one of their best traits. For Aries it is best said that they can never let the party level go down. So when you are with an Aries, then the room itself will get lighten up by his fervor.


In the above article as it is said that an Aries can love heartily and hate badly. This is how a passionate Aries behave. Whether it might be a relationship or it is a business project one can easily see his particular trait everywhere. He also turns up to is an inspiration to many around him. Seeing his passion and dedication people sometimes envy him and many of them gets inspired.



This trait is very common in all the Aries. Whether it is he/she they are believed to be very arrogant and stubborn. One cannot easily question them or argue with them. They will try all the ways possible to win the argument or just ignore it, but loosing is not an option for them. Feeling come second in their life. When an argument or a debate is going on, then they hardly care about other person’s feelings, respect or emotions.


Thinking twice before making a decision you will observe in some Aries only. They are not only stubborn but they are impatient too. Any decision which they feel is right, then even before a second person could comment on it they will take their decision whether the other person will get affected or not


To succeed in life being patient and using your knowledge in right place is very important. The very common trait of Aries of being enthusiastic sometimes ends them up in the wrong directions. Their energy which is scattered in different directions, if used properly then they can achieve any heights.

Tendency to leave a project in mid way

Tendency to leave a project in mid way
They are very challenging people. They gain and loose interest very easily either it might be a relationship or a business project. After leaving the project in the mid way they start their hunt for some different project and then again repeat the cycle. If in a project any member does not show much interest then this Aries automatically loses interest and try to move on not caring about any one.

Do’s and don’t
Do’s and don’t-Top 10 traits of a Person with Aries sign

Don’t be too cool or casual with him in professional place. Never run after or away from him. Try to maintain the correct distance and give him his own space. Although an Aries will never be the one to confess about his/her feelings but at the same time he/she will always first say sorry or be there for you.

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  1. Hey My brother is an Aries and what you said here is completely true.
    Almost all personality traits are correctly described.

  2. I completely agree with all the aries traits mentioned above because I’m an Aries and I’m really amazed to see all are true.Thanks for sharing.

  3. Its so true about the Aries traits and i am proud to be one

  4. It wasn’t by chance that their zodiac symbol is a ram, people having Aries horoscope traits are incredibly stubborn, no matter the subject or if they’re right or not. My sister should be the poster girl for this; we fight nonstop not because she’s right and I’m terribly wrong, but because she ALWAYS have to be right.

  5. I get super excited about something – being it a workout, a certain recipe or just a TV show – but I get bored easily. I think I have more than 20 gym memberships that expired and I only did two or three sessions. Some people with Aries traits couldn’t finish most of their projects if they didn’t have a sidekick.

  6. It bums me that I have to say this, but my mom is Aries and I never felt like she was truly open with us, you could always feel like she says something but thinks the complete opposite. I know all zodiac signs have ups and downs but this is the worst, at least for me. I have a few friends with negative Aries personal traits and they all do their best to hide their thoughts and any trace of weakness.

  7. I’m a Sagittarius and my girlfriend is Aries; I’m very straightforward and I tell her often how much she means to me. She, on the other hand, has one of the most frustrating Aries traits, she’s very impulsive and gets mad out of the blue. We usually have big fights, almost all ended by her after she admits she reacted badly.

  8. People with Aries horoscope traits are hard to get along with because you never know how they feel. They lock their feelings because sharing them will make them vulnerable. Both my mom and dad are Aries so you can imagine some of the drama at my house; they both say they’re fine when in fact they feel like giving the other one a big slap on the face.

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