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Top 10 fastest dogs in the world

Top 10 fastest dogs in the world

Dogs are indeed of one of the popular and favorite pet animals of all but some dogs are made for speed. Whether it is to hunt for preys like hares or foxes or put them in a race track, these dogs surely know to impress everyone with their amazing speed.

Take a look at the top 10 fastest dogs in the world

GreyhoundTop 10 fastest dogs

It is considered as the fastest dog in the world. This breed of dogs is blessed with extra ordinary speed and claims to run at speeds up to 45 miles per hour. The long-legged, tall, and lean dog is also known as the 45-mph couch potato due to its amazing speed timing. Greyhound can chase wild hares at great distance and unbeatable speed.

SalukiTop 10 fastest dogs

Cousin of greyhound, the feather-footed Saluki is proud to make an entry in 1996 edition of the Guinness Book of Records for its amazing 43 mph speed. The heavy padded feet help the body to absorb the impact which further enhances Saluki’s stamina and make it second in the list of fastest dogs. Besides, Saluki is considered to be one of the oldest breeds of dogs that was founded 7,000 B.C.

WhippetTop 10 fastest dogs

Also known as the poor man’s racehorse, the Whippet is a medium sized dog is popular for snapping rabbits and rats in no time. Besides, whippets are known for covering 200 yards in just 12 seconds.

Border CollieTop 10 fastest dogs

The black and white Border Collie has been recorded with a speed of up to 30 mph and is popularly known for keeping his eye on the big prize. Besides, these breed of dogs are made to direct large flocks as well as to corner like sports car to maintain the speed and control during turns.

VizslaTop 10 fastest dogs

Sporting a medium-size and lean body, the Vizsla can beat most of the dogs in one mile competition. Moreover, this dog features a golden rust color and is quick in on both water and land as well as possesses the ability to turn quickly.

Alaskan HuskyTop 10 fastest dogs

Clocked at 28 mph, the Alaskan Husky breed of dogs were originally used to deliver goods to remote and frozen areas. Thick coat and solid body constructions enables them to withstand low temperatures. In sled races on snow covered terrain, Alaskan Husky can maintain the speed of up to 10 mph for hours and miles without any complaints.

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Jack Russell TerrierTop 10 fastest dogs

With a recorded speed of up to 25 mph in short bursts, the Jack Russell terrier has earned the prestigious title of an amazing fox hunter. Besides, this breed of dog is considered to be a family dog and is known to maintain its attitude, confidence, tenacity, and speed.

Doberman PinscherTop 10 fastest dogs

The black-and-tan Doberman Pinscher is used as a protector and is clocked at speed up to 30 mph. this intense loyalty and sharp teeth make Doberman an ideal choice to flee away any potential intruder trying to escape quietly.

Russian WolfhoundTop 10 fastest dogs

Similar to greyhounds, the Russian Wolfhounds have been recorded with a speed of up to 37 mph. with the ability to maintain the strong instinct while chasing, this breed of dogs possess a strong and healthy body structure with excellent sporting and hunting abilities.

Irish WolfhoundTop 10 fastest dogs

With strong ability to hunt wolves, the Irish wolfhound have actually been recorded to make one species of wolf extinct. This breed of dogs carry a high neck and sports a muscular and strong body.

These dogs certainly know to protect themselves and a rare view of them chasing their prey can be just amazing sometime.

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