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Top 10 strange animals In the World

Top 10 strange animals In the World

Our planet earth is bestowed with several animals. But there are many such animals which would appear strange to us. The strangeness in them is not due to their unpleasant appearance but it is due to the uniqueness in their look. There are many such creatures in our planter which might appear strange.

We present a list of 10 strange animals with a spotlight on their unique features.

10 strange animals and their traits

Coelacanth Coelacanth It is a creature that is dated back to cretaceous era. The fish is a living fossil and posses a jaw. These fishes were said to be related to lungfishes and tetra pods. Scientists first believed that these species were extinct, but they have now found the clue that these fishes were still living. The first fish of this family was traced in the year 1938 near the eastern coast in South Africa. Later these fishes were also found in regions like Kenya, Tanzania, and Mozambique etc.  These fishes possess a notochord which is a special character of underwater creature from Devonian era.

Yeti Crab Yeti CrabPopularly know as yeti crab, Kiwa hirsute is a sea crab species recently found in the year 2005 in southern part of Pacific Ocean. The crab posses’ silky setae with 6 inches long abdomen. This creature has rudimentary eyes which lacks vision. The animal is found to be carnivorous in nature thus it might feed on other small creatures. Researches are still going on to discover more facts about the creature.

Leafy Sea-dragonLeafy Sea-dragon This amazing creature resembles a sea horse with sea leafs attached to its body. The creature possesses colorful leaf like appendages that helps in locomotion. The little creature feed on shrimps and they lack teeth and stomach. In Pacific Ocean they are found in deep and calm water with approximately 54 degree Fahrenheit. This wonderful creature is amongst the animals in endangered list due to the continuous hunting.

Angler fish Angler fishAngler fish is sometime called hell fish or devils fish as it is found in the deepest level in the ocean. The fish posses’ fleshy antennas on its head which looks like a glowing worm to lure insects. The fishes found to be having polygamous mating system.

Platypus Platypus It is an amazing animal that can live both in land as well as in water. It is the only mammal on earth that lays egg. Because of its strange appearance and a beak like duck it is commonly known as duck billed platypus. The creature also poses a spine on its left foot that delivers poison if requires. In many cases it has found to injure several human. In Australia it is mascot of many national events.

Tasmanian tigerTasmanian tiger This creature is carnivorous in nature and is found in Australian terrains. It poses amazing black stripes like that of tiger. Theses animal has got amazing hunting technique. They are said be extinct but their appearance is often reported.

Narwhal Narwhal Narwhal is a type of White Whale Arctic species. The long tusk of Narwhal can be up to 10 feet long and as heavy as 22 pounds. The most fascinating thing about Narwhal is sometimes they have two tusks. However the purpose of the tusk is still debated. Some research indicates ice piercing, some echolocation and some mere showmanship.

Angora rabbit Angora rabbit These rabbits are often domesticated and were quite popular in French colonies during 1700 century. They were largely reared for their silky wool. The wool was reportedly of high quality thus majority of people domesticated the rabbits.

Frill-necked Lizard Frill-necked LizardThis amazing lizard is often called as dragon because of the extra skin around the neck and head that expands when the lizard was frightened. The lizard with its amazing body color was capable of camouflage techniques. These animals are capable of running on two hind limbs. They are mainly found in deserts.

Dumbo octopus Dumbo OctopusIt is a special specie from Grimpoteuthis. The huge fins look like big ears and protect the body of the octopus. The body looks like head. These are rarest species of octopus and found in deep water. These are benthic in nature and can flush their transparent skin layer whenever they want. These are different from other octopus and are open sea animals.

All the above mentioned 10 strange animals posses unique character and few of them are endangered thus efforts are made by government and animal lovers to protect their lives.

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