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Top 10  traits of a Person with TAURUS sign

Top 10 traits of a Person with TAURUS sign

Those human beings born in the month of April 21 to May 20 come under this category. They have a zodiac sign of a bull thus called Taurus. The concept related to this sign is a firm ground, earth. This sign states some traits like dependability, protection, patience, endurance ect. Bull is fearless, stubborn, aggressive, and can get easily provoked. These same qualities are of a Taurus.  These people easily get attracted to luxuries, richness, pleasures, lavish life style and dream of comfort in everything. For them to survive at work they need a comfortable working zone. They believe in looking presentable with good cloths and good life style. They are very practical and sensible. They try to live a lavish life style in their limits. Thus have a very good control over finance and management skills. They have a peaceful and loving nature. This zodiac turns out to be more complex than any other zodiac.

Below are top 10 taurus traits both positive and negative, one can notice in a Taurus.

Lets find out top 10 Taurus Traits of a person.

1- SteadinessTop 10  traits of a Person with TAURUS sign

  • People with Taurus sun sign have a trait of being consistent whatever they say. They stay constant with their decisions and do not believe in changing their opinions. Thus their sign earth is very applicable to them. They do not get very easily influenced. They do not prefer being flexible with their opinions. Influencing these people is very tough. They do not easily change their views, they have about any person. They set their own views or principles and follow them. They have ground rules in their lives which they strongly believe.
  • Best trait in them is dedication which they show towards in a work. Whenever they start a work, they never leave it incomplete. They always try to complete it by hook or crook. They maintain a steady pace in life moving and marching forward in life slowly. Loyalty is their strength.  They move forward slowly and being loyal to everything and everyone around them.

2- IntelligentTop 10  traits of a Person with TAURUS sign

  • These people are very wise at every step. They choose their friend carefully. For them society, rank, status, social back ground count very important. They do not prefer to hang out with the people they feel do not belong to their society and does not match their social status. They are little conservative people and do not show their weakness to anyone around on whom they can not trust.  Feelings are only expressed to those who are very close to them.
  • They have a strong mindset that your weakness should never be known to anyone in your society as you are a respectful person and have a status. They are very warm and friendly with those they are close with. They are very calculative about every step they take and before performing any sin they do take care of all the ways that their sin can come out.

3- Stubbornness Top 10  traits of a Person with TAURUS sign

  • Although these people are very friendly and open minded but at times they turn out to be very stubborn and firm in their every approach and step. The moment it comes about being logical in your argument, then how much their debate will be illogical they would not change their mindset and refuse to listen to anyone.
  •  Moving a Taurus from his decision is an impossible task. They even refuse to make slight changesin their decision or a step. In an argument they do not believe in being practical and become non-adjusting. Compromising in life is their weak point and one can easily notice it and point it.

4- Persistence

Top 10  traits of a Person with TAURUS sign

  • They might be stiff or stubborn but many a times they are very peaceful. But when theylooses their temper then they become violent. They end up being destructive and shout rather than being upset mentally. They remove all their anger physically.
  •  Although they are very violent at times but still making them loose their patience is a big deal. They do not get upset very soon. They are basically easy going and calm but when the looses their temper then their behaviour resembles their sign (bull). They believe that they are very aggressive because of their violent behaviour but in reality this face of a Taurus is very rare. Indeed he is very calm and silent personality.

5- Determined and indomitableTop 10  traits of a Person with TAURUS sign

  • Taurus are known for their indomitable nature and their determination to complete a task they take up. When they get involved in some work, then that work will definitely get completed. They think each step practically than being emotional or intellectual. Where ever there is success there is failure. But failures never let down the positive attitude of a Taurus. They have high spirits and learn from their own mistakes.
  • They touch heights in their life not because of their mind and extra clever approach but because of steady pace and nature to complete a task which is taken. Distracting a Taurus from his goals and destination is a tough task and you might end up creating problem for your own self. They are strong in their work which the most wonderful trait of a Taurus. They live a stable life.

6- Mine mine mine!!!Top 10  Taurus Traits of a Person

  • Possessiveness is one of the negative traits one can find in almost all the Taurus. We can also term it as jealousy. Every Taurus in a relationship faces problem because of his/her trait. It can cost them in a genuine relationship. The more you get close to a Taurus, more possessive he/she becomes for you. Companions from other sun sign do not feel comfortable around a Taurus or being in their company.
  • They are believed to be very lucky in love life. But many times lose their partners because of their particular trait. However they might not be too jealous but believe their partner and friends to be their personal property.

7- Prudent and cautiousTop 10  traits of a Person with TAURUS sign

    • Taurus is frugal in terms of money matters. For them the value of money is much more than anything. They are very hardworking because of which they built a good career and built up assets easily. With all the assets they live a luxurious life spending on them to stand in the society. Every Taurean has a way of living and tries every possible way to earn and live in that life style. They project a greedy nature increasing his/her bank balance and only improving his/her life style. They try to secure every possession they possess and maintain their personal belongings.

8 – Pragmatism

Top 10  traits of a Person with TAURUS sign

  • In the above article you must have came with a conclusion that a Taurean is always practical and do not believe to dreaming about the things they cannot do or get. They stick to their opinions being very intellectual, fixed and predetermined in all the decisions they make. They have a different taste and easily respond quickly to different texture or sense of smell. Practical approach in life in very important for them.

9 – ArtisticTop 10  traits of a Person with TAURUS sign

  • In every field whether it be dance, music, art or drama, they are very artistic. Taureans are also good public speakers and communicators. Many of the Taureans love to get pampered with different stuffs. In ladies with food and jewellery and in men food, places all pamper them. They have good taste in all the fields they are interested in. They become famous for their hidden talent and their taste among their friends. Many times their clothes become a style statement making them popular.

10 – Affluent and wealthyTop 10  traits of a Person with TAURUS sign

  • Taureans belongs to the ruling planet Venus, which is a symbol of love intelligence, bliss and fame. They use their attitude and cleverness to gain success. Both these aspects never interrupt any path fulfilling their dream. In every field they choose, they are successful in it. Because of their magnetic nature and hidden talents they are successful and popular in every group. They are born leaders and is practical in every approach.


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